These Golf Trick-Shot Videos Have Me SO Entertained — Even Stephen Curry's a Pro!

With almost all professional sports events canceled or suspended amid the coronavirus outbreak, athletes and sports fans alike are starting to get creative with the ways they're getting their fix. Earlier this week, and Callaway Golf took to social media to call upon fans to show how they're "playing through" their time spent at home. Callaway tagged Stephen Curry, and the six-time NBA All-Star came through with serious precision . . . almost as if he were draining a three-point shot with 0.2 seconds left on the clock. Curry loves to show off his golf skills during the basketball off-season, but this one shot had fans cheering in his replies.

The challenge called upon all golf fans to show how they're occupying their time during self-isolation, and the videos that it inspired are beyond impressive. One person hit an Xbox disk perfectly into the console's drive. Another shot a ball right into a cup on top of a moving Roomba. And others created some wild relay courses for their trick shots. Check out the mesmerizing videos ahead, and prepare to be hooked.