Figure Skater Gracie Gold Shared a Power-Packed, Total-Body Workout to Celebrate Her Strength

After an emotional comeback at the 2020 National Championships, figure skater Gracie Gold is putting in the work to make her 2022 Olympic dreams come true. That means tough workouts, like this weighted full-body session, that focus on getting in shape while cultivating a positive mindset.

"Fitness has always been a huge part of my life. But for years I saw it as a chore or punishment for what I ate that day," Gold wrote on Instagram. She's been open about her experiences with anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder, which led to treatment and years away from the sport. She's said her next goal is to make the 2022 Olympic team, and working with trainers over the last year has helped her with fitness and mindset. "The gym became a safe place for me," Gold wrote in her caption. "A place to celebrate what my body can do."

The two-time national champion and Olympic bronze medalist did a series of intense dumbbell moves that are both accessible and challenging. We love that they're all compound exercises, which work multiple muscle groups for max efficiency and balanced strength, but even better is the attitude Gold took into the workout. "I work out for the love of it. And during times like these, we all need to do more things we love," she wrote. Check out Gold's go-to moves below, and watch the video above to see her hitting every rep.