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How Gummy Vitamins Helped Me Get Into a Healthy Routine

This Multivitamin Is the Daily Dose of Sunshine I Didn't Know I Needed This Winter

I've never given much thought to vitamins. My parents made sure I ate cartoon-themed chewables every day growing up, but once I moved away from home, the daily multivitamin habit fell by the wayside.

Until recently, at least. Now that I'm approaching 30 and paying more attention to my health, I rededicated myself to taking a daily multivitamin. The only problem is I can barely remember to take necessary medications every day — let alone a pill vitamin. Then I tried a women's multivitamin in gummy form, and suddenly, taking a daily multivitamin became something I looked forward to. Before I knew it, I became a gummy-vitamin evangelist — here are just a few of the reasons I love them so.


It's an Investment in My Overall Well-Being

Much as I'd like to be the kind of person who wakes up early every morning for a workout followed by a green smoothie, I've come to accept that I'm not. Sure, I do my best to eat a healthy diet and get plenty of physical activity, but I'm not perfect.

One healthy habit I can definitely manage? Eating two gummy vitamins. It's an easy way to help take care of my entire body in one fell swoop every day — even if I'm still working on getting into a regular workout routine.

Multivitamins Are Peace of Mind in a Bottle

After I eat my daily gummy vitamins every morning, I feel an immediate sense of accomplishment. As silly as it sounds, taking a multivitamin gives me some peace of mind.

Even on days when I indulge in one too many pieces of pizza, at least I know I'm getting my daily dose of the 12 vitamins and minerals in my multivitamin. It might be just one small component of a healthy lifestyle, but it's still incredibly comforting.


Gummy Vitamins > All Other Vitamins

I can't say enough about how much of a game changer gummy vitamins were for me. It does seem a little ridiculous that I, a grown woman, have to trick myself into taking vitamins by buying ones that taste like candy, but here we are.

Taking gummy vitamins is my favorite kind of healthy habit: one that feels like a treat. Because they taste so good, I actually remember to take them. Turns out I'm just as food motivated as my childhood dog — but if that's what it takes to get myself to stick to a healthy routine, so be it.

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