20 Ways to Have the Healthiest Night Ever

You may have started your day off right, but a lot can happen in eight hours. Get back on track tonight with these 20 ways to have the healthiest night ever.

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  1. Make a healthy dinner. Those who make their own food at home are more successful at losing and maintaining weight. Get inspired with our favorite healthy recipes and then whip up a delicious dinner at home.
  2. Relax with herbal tea. A calming, warm mug of herbal tea can help you wind down and prep for bed.
  3. Pack your gym bag. Every little bit helps when it's about making sure that you stay consistent with your gym habit. Running around in the morning looking for a pair of socks, on the other hand, can discourage more than motivate.
  1. Go ahead, have a glass. There's nothing wrong with unwinding with a glass of red wine every night — it's even good for you! Just make sure you keep the pour steady, not heavy, with these serving-size tips.
  2. Stay organized. Make tomorrow less harried by doing what you can to organize tonight. Pack your work laptop, put away the dishes, and finally get to that growing pile of laundry so the rest of your week doesn't look daunting.
  3. Stretch. A good stretch can help you become more flexible while helping muscles repair. Try this relaxing yoga sequence to prep for bedtime while mending muscles.
  4. Make sleep a priority. Skipping out on sleep can cause high blood pressure, a frazzled immune system, and even weight gain. Ensure you set a bedtime that gives you at least seven hours of shut-eye.
  5. Let it go. Whether you've downed a whole box of cookies or missed out on yet another workout, don't dwell on it. Tomorrow's another day!
  6. Take the electronics out. Answering emails and scrolling through your iPad can make it hard to wind down. Set a limit for your electronic use, and make sure you don't spend the night staring into your screen from your bed.
  7. Relax with a bedtime routine. Having a bedtime ritual helps prep your body for sleep. Whatever yours is, make it consistent so you can get the best sleep possible.
  1. Have a healthy late-night snack. Sometimes hunger strikes well after you've cleared away the dinner table. When that happens, make sure that you have low-calorie, healthy snacks available to sate your hunger.
  2. Don't forget to hydrate. Didn't get to eight glasses today? Make it up by drinking enough water at dinner; remember to forgo the high-calorie soda and juice as well.
  3. Pack your lunch. Save money, calories, and time by packing a healthy lunch tonight so you can quickly grab it in the morning. Build a healthy salad with these toppings ideas, or follow these rules for creating the healthiest sandwich.
  4. Do what calms you. Want to watch some mindless TV? Need to take a 10-minute meditation break? Whatever it is that you need to do to clear your mind and wind down, you've earned it!
  5. Skip dessert. Indulgences are necessary for a sane and happy mind, but a chronic sugar habit can make it hard to wean yourself off the refined stuff. If you're craving something sweet, opt for a bowl of fruit or a piece of dark chocolate instead of an unhealthy dessert.
  6. Plan your next day. Take a little time tonight to make your next day a smooth one. Plan your work outfit, take a peek at your upcoming meetings, and make a plan for tackling tomorrow's to-do list. You don't want to stress yourself out about all you have to accomplish tomorrow, but being a little prepared will help you start the day with confidence.
  7. Pamper yourself. Don't let stress get the better of you; make sure you schedule time into a busy evening to pamper yourself. Whether it's foam rolling or burning your favorite aromatherapy candle, even a couple minutes of bliss is beneficial to your health.
  8. Add to your total. Didn't get to fit in a workout today? Not to worry, a few minutes of moves will add up calorie-wise. Spend a minute or two in plank or try these 60-second workout ideas, and feel good about what you've accomplished.
  9. Congratulate yourself. Whether it was getting up early to fit in a run or killing it on a presentation, we're sure there was something you did today that warrants a congrats.
  10. Laugh. No matter how horrible your day was, try to find something that makes you laugh. After all, it's good for your stress levels — not to mention fun.