Seeing David Beckham Cycle to the Spice Girls Will Really Make You Wanna "Zigazig Ah"

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What does James Corden do when he's got a few free hours to kill? He calls up his pal David Beckham to hang out, of course. On Thursday's episode of The Late Late Show, the longtime friends teamed up for a skit about working out together, and needless to say, plenty of hilarity ensued.

They kicked off their outing by heading to a Los Angeles Spin studio, but after cycling to just one song, an exhausted Corden exclaimed, "The warmup?! That was the warmup?" before tapping out and swapping places with the instructor. The talkshow host proceeded to cue up "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls, which elicited quite the eye roll from Beckham — 'cause, y'know, he's married to Posh Spice and all. Although initially reluctant to the song choice, the former soccer star couldn't help but join in and sing the lyrics while riding his stationary bike. Seriously, does it get any better than watching David freakin' Beckham cycle to the Spice Girls? We think not.

Next up, the two went head-to-head in a boxing ring, and Beckham oh-so-graciously chose to remove his shirt for the match. Phew, Posh — er, Victoria — is one lucky lady! Watch the entire late-night skit above for your daily dose of LOLs.