Jennifer Aniston Swears By This "Gentle" Workout Method — Here's My Honest Review

PS Photography | Kyley Warren
PS Photography | Kyley Warren
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Whenever I envisioned what Jennifer Aniston's workout routine might look like, I pictured a high-endurance, sweat-inducing gym session that lasted (at minimum) six hours and could make even the strongest athlete puke due to its intensity. I mean, her lifelong love of fitness is legendary. So you can imagine my surprise in discovering that the star's preferred fitness regimen is actually, for lack of a better word, quite doable.

Of course, Aniston has access to the kind of world-class trainers and dietary resources most of us can only dream of. But these days, her health routine revolves mostly around Pvolve, the science-led fitness method that relies on a "less is more" ethos to deliver functional workouts for people in all stages of life.

"[Pvolve] is something that has been so good for me; I've been challenged physically because of how hard I pushed my body and beat up my body over the years. The sustainability with Pvolve is so much greater because it's a different workout every time; it never repeats itself," Aniston tells PS in an exclusive interview.

Aniston first fell in love with Pvolve's approach after sustaining a back injury on a film set. She later joined their team as an ambassador in 2023, and in collaboration with the brand, just released the Pvolve Essentials Bundle ($350), which includes the star's favorite home workout gear.

Fortunately, I got to put the Essentials Bundle to the test so that I could see for myself what Aniston loves so much about the gear and her workout. Ahead, a break down of Aniston's go-to routine, including the accessibility of Pvolve's virtual fitness classes, the functionality of its equipment, and how my body felt after just a few sessions. Spoiler: there's more to Pvolve's 'gentle' fitness method than meets the eye — and my lingering muscle soreness is full proof of it.

What Home Workout Equipment Does Jennifer Aniston Use?

Pvolve's Aniston-approved equipment bundle includes six of the star's favorite workout tools for sculpting and strengthening the body: the P.ball,, P.3 Trainer, Heavy Ankle Board, Slant Board, and Glider Discs. These products are designed to work out the body in a variety of different ways — ball is great for improving lower body strength, while the band and gliders can help to sculpt the upper body and build core strength.

PS Photography | Kyley Warren

Aniston jokes that the gliders are especially "dangerous" because of how effective they are in pushing your body and delivering real results. "They hurt, but I love them," she says. "It works your whole body, top to bottom — arms, core, legs, the whole thing."

Pvolve offers a range of workouts on its website, from curated challenges to travel-friendly routines. Now, users can also try classes from Jen's Spring Challenge, which is a 30-day workout calendar created by Aniston and her Pvolve trainer, Dani Coleman, and includes some of her favorite workouts that incorporate items from the Essentials Bundle.

What Is Jennifer Aniston's Pvolve Workout Routine Like?

With the star's go-to Pvolve equipment in my possession, I decided to give Aniston's workout routine a try. In the spirit of transparency, I'll admit: Aniston is in far better physical shape at 55-years-old than I have maybe ever been in my entire 26 years of life. I knew this before earnestly attempting her workout routine, and am even more sure of it after the fact (at least what I lack in physical strength I make up for in honesty).

Undeterred from the challenge, I tested out two workouts from Aniston's Pvolve 30-day regimen: the 33-minute upper body and core course, led by her trainer, Coleman, and the lower body sculpt and mobility course, led by Pvolve's Chief Training Officer, Antonietta Vicario.

The first class focused on strengthening the arms and core, as well as improving posture, all with the help of the P.3 Trainer, which consists of a full-body resistance band with an attachable handle and weighted ball. Coleman started the session with a a light five-minute warmup of arm stretches and stability poses which integrated the ball attachment of the trainer. "What I love about the P.3 ball, it's going to test your grip strength," Coleman said during the course.

PS Photography | Kyley Warren

Following the warmup, we transitioned to more movement-heavy activities; with the ankle cuff and resistance cord attached, Coleman led me in reps which involved lifting my arms (with a firm hold on the trainer's handle) and legs, as well as doing some thigh abductions, sometimes while standing up and in other cases, in a plank-like position on the ground.

Unlike other upper body classes I've tried, this format felt much slower (on purpose), giving me the chance to pay attention to what muscles the equipment was working in real-time, rather than just rushing to see results after the fact. Throughout the course, I felt the most tension in my back and forearms, which makes sense considering they're definitely two of my weakest areas in terms of muscle development (I do spend my days hunched over a desk, after all). The best part is that while the workout was challenging, it wasn't too exhausting, and after only a few hours, I still felt invigorated to try another course.

The second class was all about glutes, inner thighs, and the core — which gave me the chance to put the handy P.ball to the test. This patented tool slides on like a pair of pants and is designed to sit in between your thighs; while it has a hook-and-eye closure, the ball also comes with an extension which can be used for those with larger thighs.

PS Photography | Kyley Warren

This course was a bit longer than other options with a lower body focus, but it featured a wide range of exercises — including lunges, hip rotations and thrusts, yoga poses (like downward dog), thigh squeezes, and balancing stances which required me to shift all of my body's weight onto just one leg. Like most classes, this one kicked off with a light warmup that was designed to stretch muscles, ground the body, and alleviate any tension before jumping into the actual movements.

At the beginning of the session, the trainer advised that there was "a lot of stability work" involved in the course, which proved to be absolutely correct. Of all the exercise classes I'd tried, this one tested my balance the most, especially during the reps where my feet and hips were pointed in different directions. The farther along the workout progressed, the worse my balance got — which Antonietta assured was simply a part of adjusting to the Pvolve method.

"Every muscle works together for that comprehensive functional strength... that's not to say we don't have imbalances in the body, but hopefully by coming to Pvolve, you're noticing, you're learning, [and] you're curious about your body," Antoneitta said during the class.

What's Worth Noting About the Equipment

My biggest qualm with Aniston's Pvolve Essentials Bundle is that, despite being designed for home use, it does require a decent amount of space — especially if you're using the Precision Mat for better accuracy. I have a beautiful home, but like most apartments, it is limited on room and requires a bit of reorganizing on my part in order to create a dedicated space for my daily Pvolve workouts.

Does Jennifer Aniston's Pvolve Workout Method Actually Work?

It's hard to report noticeable results after only a few classes, but I can definitely vouch for Pvolve's effectiveness in working out "muscles that never get touched," as Aniston described it. The workout method goes beyond basic strength training and exercises my body in a way that's meaningful, without the usual pain that accompanies traditional, high-intensity cardio; I can literally feel the resistance within each movement.

Historically, I've dreaded working out and looked at it as a chore rather than something I was actually excited about. Like Pilates, Pvolve's functional workout gear and classes have inspired me to look at fitness differently, with the newfound understanding that you can challenge your body without having to put an immense amount of pressure on your joints and muscles. Harder workouts don't always equate to meaningful results — while Pvolve's method is deceptively tough, it feels much more sustainable and like something that I'll actually be able to keep up with through different stages of my life.

The Pvolve Essentials Bundle comes with three months of streaming access, so I'm excited to continue trying more of Aniston's favorite workouts, and am eager to see my strength tolerance improve for the better — without fear of injury or overwhelming exhaustion. For anyone else looking for an alternative workout method that's low-impact, entertaining, and requires minimal home workout equipment, Pvolve is one of the best I've ever tried — and it constantly kept me on my toes (literally).


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