Jennifer Garner and Her Trainer Make This Speedy Box-Jump Routine Look Too Easy

Jennifer Garner is back on Instagram with another workout video that'll have you out of breath just watching. To be fair, this time Garner didn't post it; her trainer, Beth Nicely, did in honor of Garner's birthday on April 17.

"I couldn't love this human more. Happy Birthday to one of the best people I've ever known. The world is lucky to have you in it. Love you so much @jennifer.garner !!!" Nicely wrote in the caption of an Instagram video which shows the two of them performing a wildly speedy box-jump routine. "That was so fast!" Nicely says in disbelief while laughing at the end of the clip.

It gets even cuter: Garner had originally posted this same video to her Instagram about a year ago on Nicely's birthday, writing, "Happy birthday, you beautiful little devil." And frankly, we're still not over how hard it looks.

The routine is a combo from Nicely's workout method, The Limit, which offers dance, HIIT, and strength classes — including a signature Box class with the exact plyo box Garner seems to spend a lot of time with. "51 reps of this (and everything else) was far less cute than the two of you look there 🥵," commented one Instagram user who's apparently familiar with the workout.

This isn't the first time we've been impressed by the duo's moves. On Jan. 19, Garner posted a video of her crushing a similar plyometric (aka jumping-focused) workout, bounding onto and over plyo boxes and a Bosu ball without missing a beat. (Literally. She set the workout video to Little Mix's "Wings," and her energy absolutely matches those BPMs.)

"If your kids call your workout Jazzercise and it nearly kills you to complete it, do you have the right to video yourself and put it out there to haunt them when they are fifty?" Garner asks in the caption, tagging Nicely. Fellow celebs cheered Garner on in the comments, including Chelsea Handler, who commented, "This is pretty hardcore," and actress Jenna Fischer, who wrote, "This is so badass and I'm here for it." Meanwhile, Kerry Washington praised Garner's workout style, commenting, "the legwarmers 🙌🏾".

In the video, Garner powers through double box jumps, pop squats onto a box, lateral (sideways) jumps over a Bosu ball, and box jump squat thrusts. Altogether, this sequence is a great cardio finisher if you're looking for something plyometric to tack onto the end of your workout or for a super-fast standalone circuit. Garner's exhausted face at the end will tell you all you need to know about how effective this routine is.

How to Try Garner's Workouts

If you want to try Garner's "Wings" workout for yourself but don't have all that equipment, you can make it work with a couple of modifications and some household items: you can perform the double box jumps going up and down the bottom two steps on a flight of stairs; do the pop squats with just your bodyweight (or using an aerobic step like Garner, if you have one); do the lateral jumps over a pillow; and do the box jump squat thrusts with a stair.

If you want to try the routine from Garner and Nicely's birthday videos, grab an aerobic step. Place it length-wise in front of you (perpendicular to your body) and make sure it's stable, because you're going to be jumping all over this thing. Starting with your feet on either side of the stepper, jump up with both feet together on top of the stepper, then back down, and repeat four times. Then, hop onto the stepper with one foot at a time, then jump back down and alternate feet, also for four reps. Finish off the workout with four twisting jumps, where you jump both feet onto the stepper while twisting to the left, then repeating to the right.

Note that you can modify both of these workouts by simply doing the jumps on flat ground. To make it low-impact, you can also take out the jumping altogether and simply step in and out or up and down instead of hopping. On the other hand, if you want even more intensity, try repeating the sequences two to four times through. (Just make sure to warm up beforehand and cool down after!)

If you'd rather follow along with a class, check out Nicely's on-demand platform for The Limit, where you can stream full workout classes for $25/month or $250/year after a seven-day free trial.

Whatever you choose, your sweat will be flying by the end of these workouts, all thanks to Nicely and Garner. Ready? Jump right in.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Mazzo