Jessica Alba Might Have Saved You From Blisters on Your Next Hiking Trip

With temperatures cooling down to a crisp chill and trees changing into their colorful fall finest, autumn is understandably one of the most popular times of year to hike. However, painful blisters can quickly turn a pleasant afternoon outdoors into a near-torturous experience. From ill-fitting shoes to overly ambitious trails, there are tons of different things that can cause blisters.

Luckily, Jessica Alba took to Instagram this week to share her preferred method for combating the inconvenient sores. The actress and wellness enthusiast recently spent a week on a hiking retreat at The Ranch Malibu with pal Kelly Sawyer. She posted a picture from the retreat of a product called HikeGoo, a blister prevention cream available on Amazon. Check it out in the third photo in her slideshow. According to the tube in the picture, the cream lasts all day and works in wet or dry climates — not a bad addition to your hiking backpack, right?

In addition to the celebrity endorsement, HikeGoo also has rave reviews on the REI sporting goods website.

The other photos in the slideshow capture the highs and lows of Alba's trip, including snapshots of the yummy vegan meals she enjoyed and an all too relatable video of herself and Sawyer soaking their feet in a tub of ice — perhaps after one of those intense hikes?

Blisters aside, it sounds like the Honest Company founder had a restful and restorative retreat. In her Instagram caption, she wrote, "I slept 8 hours, lowered my cholesterol, increased my lean muscle mass and feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of this year with a healthier and happier mindset."

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