Keep 10 Sweat Towels Nearby If You're Going to Attempt Jordyn Woods's Workout Routine

Jordyn Woods once said, "The only bad workout is the one you didn't do." The model-slash-entrepreneur can rock the heck out of a sheer crystallized dress and relax on romantic vacations with NBA baller boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns, but she's recently been to thank for getting me off the couch and into the gym, and for that, I am grateful. Jordyn is often sharing her workout videos on Instagram, posting words of wisdom, and even dishing instructions on how to perfect your squat form. Seriously, New Year's resolutions have nothing on the motivation she provides right on her Instagram feed.

In 2019, Jordyn launched FRSTPLACE, a community-first app that offers both physical fitness and wellness tips. Jordyn stands by all the guides, as she credits this program for her own fitness journey and overall change of lifestyle. "Fitness changed my life and I realized that if I could share how I think and what I do, then maybe I could help change the lives of others," she said, doubling down on her belief that fitness starts with your mindset. FRSTPLACE offers guided prompts to help with journaling, water tracking to remind you to stay hydrated, healthy recipe ideas, and, of course, badass workout routines.

Now, about those workouts . . . Whether she's working out at home or crushing it in the gym, Jordyn is pushing herself and teaching us a thing or two. Ahead, scroll through some of Jordyn's most impressive recent workouts, and get excited to spice up your routine — just make sure you've got a few towels nearby, because it's guaranteed to leave you sweating.

Kneeling step-ups are no joke! For an added cardio challenge, try doing a jump squat and landing low enough to move into the kneeling position.

Jordyn with the one-legged bent-over rows for balance work!

High knees are essential in any workout sequence.

Battle-rope squats with a resistance band above her knees? Yes, please!

Burpees: we simply love to hate them.

The resistance-band at-home booty workout we needed.

We'll never say no to a reverse lunge with a knee drive.

That football workout though!

Switching up your routine is essential, especially when it includes throwing a few punches.

*takes notes on that plank variation*

Queen of weighted squats.

Thank you, Jordyn, for the endless workout inspiration.