Feeling Sorry? Blame the Upcoming Jupiter-Venus Conjunction

If you've been feeling some type of way lately, it's probably not because you're overthinking. A Jupiter-Venus conjunction — a fancy way of saying two planets are meeting up at the same point in the sky — is about to do what conjunctions do best: f*ck with our lives in the most annoying ways.

On April 30 at 3 p.m. ET, the Jupiter-Venus conjunction is about to hit all of us hard. "This means that a lot of people are really seeing the error of their ways — and they're trying to make it right," Lisa Stardust, astrologer and author of Love Deck: The Love Deck, says. This conjunction is in Taurus, and "the reason why it's significant is because the planetary ruler of Taurus is Venus," Stardust says.

Although Venus rules Taurus, the planet is currently "exalted" in Pisces, which means its effects are enhanced there, Stardust explains: "Whenever Venus is in Pisces, it means that there's a lot of really positive, important stuff that's going to go down, just because Venus loves to be in that sign." Jupiter, for its part, is an emotionally supportive planet that's all about caring for others. So, what's the "important stuff" that Venus and Jupiter will bring? For one, the apology that you've needed to give for far too long. Here's the deal.

What's Happening During the Jupiter-Venus Conjunction?

"When Venus and Jupiter come together in Pisces, emotions run really high and really deep, because it's in a water sign," Stardust says. "And this means a lot of people are really seeing the error of their ways, and they're trying to offer a new beginning. It literally means everyone's going to be on the apology tour of the world. Everyone's going to be thinking about things and being like, 'Maybe I shouldn't have said that. Maybe I should have reacted this way.'"

So, if you've been feeling guilty, the stars might be to blame. And while all of us may be experiencing feelings of guilt around now, "Taurus, Scorpios, Leos, Aquarius, and Cancers are going to be rethinking a lot of their actions," Stardust says.

But Before You Run to Apologize . . .

Before you call the BFF you just fought with, heed Stardust's warning: "People could be manipulated into forced apologies." This is thanks to the remnants of the April 27 Neptune-Venus conjunction that spewed deception into the air. We could be deceiving ourselves or projecting by thinking that something or someone is deceiving us, Stardust explains.

"Pisces is a water sign, and they tend to really just not see outside themselves," Stardust says. Since they live underwater, they can have trouble seeing clearly. As a result, "they tend to not accept a lot of the accountability in their wrongdoings," she says. "If people (in general) are left to their own devices, they're going to start drama, because, like I always say, there's nothing worse than someone who's bored."

The takeaway? Avoid any miscommunication on your apology tour around this Jupiter-Venus conjunction, and make sure you maintain a direct and clear intention when giving an apology. By making your objectives clear, you'll be able to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings when delivering your message. On the other hand, don't let someone guilt-trip you into making an apology you don't mean. Honesty really is the best policy.