Leslie Jones's Hilarious Commentary in Her Olympic TikToks Make the Games Even Better

As a longtime fan of the Olympics, Leslie Jones is back online delivering her comically passionate online coverage of the summer Games. While she isn't an official commentator for the Tokyo Games, in 2018 she kept us entertained with her tweets about the winter Olympics and back in 2016, NBC flew Jones to the Olympics in Rio to cover the Games on air and online.

Although she's watching the Olympics from home like most of us are this year, that hasn't stopped her from producing hilarious content by posting nearly every day on her TikTok. From talking about how her body would react attempting some of the sports to shouting supportive messages at her favorite athletes to her TV screen, Jones's TikTok makes watching these sometimes tedious games all the more fun. Ahead are some of our favorite TikToks from Jones that had our cheeks sore from laughing so hard.

Leslie Jones on the Triathlon "How Is That Not the Whole F*cking Olympics?"

Leslie Jones on the Triathlon "Do You Know How Hard It Is to Run on Concrete?"

Leslie Jones Screams "Let's Go Katie Ledecky!"

Leslie Jones on Gymnastics "My Back. . . Is Split in Half!"

Leslie Jones on Gymnastics: "You Ain't Supposed to Be That Bouncy!"

Leslie Jones on Gymnastics: "She Would've Been Too Young If They Did It Last Year"

Leslie Jones on Michael Phelps's Commentary: "He Got the Veteran Beard Going On"

Leslie Jones on "Eerie" Gymnastics Music

Leslie Jones Cheers Along Sunisa Lee on Uneven Bars

Leslie Jones Compliments Gymnastics Announcers

Leslie Jones on Steve Kornacki: "Kornacki With the Khakis"

Leslie Jones Asks For Explanation on Gymnastics Finals Structure

Leslie Jones Cheering For Lilly King

Leslie Jones Says She's "Six Feet Tall" So She Can't Drown

Leslie Jones on Swimming: "You Gotta Be Better Than the Best!"

Leslie Jones Says Okinawa Is Hot — "That's the Only Fact" She Has About Tokyo

Leslie Jones Says Beach Volleyball Is a "Party!" at the Games