Navarro Just Won Another National Title, and the Pyramid Alone Will Give You Chills

Congratulations, National Champions! 📣 #NCAnationals

— NCA (@NCAupdates) April 7, 2023

Navarro College, the team you know and love from Netflix's "Cheer," just snagged yet another national title at the 2023 NCA & NDA Collegiate National Championship in Daytona Beach, FL — bringing their tally up to 16 wins.

Navarro won the Advanced Large Coed Junior College division, which houses one of the biggest rivalries in college cheerleading, with a score of 98.60. Longtime rivals Trinity Valley Community College finished in second with a score of 97.57, and Iowa Central's 87.25 was good for third.

The Bulldogs went into the second day of competition in first place. During finals, they hit their routine — meaning they didn't receive any major deductions or make any significant mistakes — to secure the top spot. Varsity Spirit, which puts on the competition, shared a front-row view of their finals routine on TikTok, and you can feel the energy bouncing off the mat.

While the whole routine stuns in true Navarro fashion, the moment people can't stop talking about on social media is the pyramid. In the most climactic moment, flyer Paige Moffet performs a full twisting layout up to the top of a 2-2-1 pyramid, landing on the knees of two teammates — an incredibly difficult skill — and the crowd goes wild. The team looks so solid doing this advanced move, one Twitter user reposted the clip with the caption: "like clockwork."

Nick Prak, a cheerleader and photographer, captured the moment in slow motion during day one of the competition and shared it on Instagram, showing the skill in all its glory.

Gabi Butler, a breakout star from the Netflix series who joined the team at Daytona this year (potentially as a coach), shared the same snippet of the routine on her Instagram, writing, "Navarro 2023…… you guys are SICKENING" — and really, we couldn't agree more.

While the team have yet to post their full routine from finals, Navarro shared a video of the whole pyramid from their "show-off" a couple of days prior to competition, which you can watch below. It may not be in the Daytona bandshell, but we promise it'll still give you chills.