This Montage of Jerry's Cheer Mat Talk Is the Best Way to Start and End Your Day

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All hail Jerry Harris, the king of mat talk! The 20-year-old Navarro cheerleader has stolen the hearts of Netflix subscribers around the nation with his charisma, and I'm thrilled to have his moments of encouragement all in one video. In Cheer, a Netflix docuseries, Jerry brings joy to the gym when his teammates need it most. "You can hear him from the other side of the floor," fellow cheerleader La'Darius Marshall says. "He don't mat-talk just one person. He'll mat-talk the entire team and it makes you want to do better as an athlete."

If you miss Jerry's mat talk in your own life, just press play on Netflix's compilation video. The streaming service picked out the star's best mat-talk moments from Cheer season one (fingers crossed for a season two!) and I'm tempted to make this clip part of my daily affirmations. Jerry's hype-man status reaches so far, he even mat-talks strangers on the street, and he walked the red carpet as Ellen DeGeneres's Oscars correspondent this year. Can you blame everyone for getting starstruck around him? He's the man with a positive plan.