Trying a Menstrual Cup? This Hands-Free Mirror Was Designed to Help You See Your Vagina

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If you've ever struggled to get a full and complete view of your vulva and vagina, you're not alone. It might have even been the reason you had difficulty inserting a menstrual disc or a tampon for the first time. These body parts are hard to see in their entirety, but not is not a reason not to look. Getting to know your own anatomy is helpful for understanding your health and even identifying changes that you might want to discuss with your ob-gyn. A mirror can help make doing these self-checks a little easier, so Nyssa — a company that creates solutions for people with vaginas starting from puberty through post-menopause — designed one for that very specific purpose in mind.

It's called the Nyssa VieVision Between Legs Self-Check Mirror ($64), and it puts the standard compact mirror to shame. For starters, it offers a hands-free experience thanks to contoured sides that allow it to be held between the legs while seated or standing. It also features a built-in LED light to give users even more clarity when examining themselves.


According to Ellen Kellogg, the CSO of Nyssa, the idea for the mirror was originally sketched out on the back of a napkin (as many great ideas are!), and it took about a year for the mirror to reach its final design.

"We consulted with several doctors and pelvic floor therapists in our network who are accustomed to using or recommending the use of mirrors to their patients," Kellogg said. "They were instrumental in helping us think through all of the possible usage occasions: at-home or in-office wellbeing checks, the insertion of tampons and certain intra-vaginal therapies, self-grooming, pelvic floor strengthening, the application of ointments or medications."

The Nyssa team also wanted to perfect the aesthetics of the mirror to ensure it was something people would actually want to use or leave out on the bathroom counter — hence its convenient stand and navy blue hue.

"It's time to look! We've all analyzed our faces so intently in the mirror that we know precisely where and when a new blemish or wrinkle occurs. In order to be advocates for our own health and wellbeing, we need this same level of familiarity with our vulvas and vaginas," Kellogg said.

Whether it's your goal to learn how to use a menstrual disc or want a closer shave, this mirror might just help.