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Relatable Things That Make It Hard to Fall Asleep

5 All-Too-Relatable Things That Keep Us Awake at Night — and How to Beat Them

We teamed up with OLLY to help calm your mind and promote restful sleep, no matter the situation.*

Falling asleep: it's the most natural thing in the world. So, why is it so dang hard most of the time? Racing thoughts and stress aren't the only things that plague our nighttime routines — sometimes, our barriers to dreamland are totally out of our control. Think: the high schoolers next door throwing a rager while their parents are out of town or the owl that has set up camp in the tree next to your bedroom window incessantly hooting into the night.

Whatever the issue keeping you up at night, know you're not alone. We've all been there in one way or another. Keep reading for some of those can't-sleep stories you can definitely relate to, as well as the solutions to beat each scenario once and for all.

Doom Scrolling

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We get it: the whole "put your phone away 30 minutes before going to bed" thing is easier said than done. When, if not at 1 a.m.. are you going to have the nerve to lurk your ex's new fling?! Or, fall down that UFO sighting rabbit hole you didn't have time to research during the normal hours of the day?

We're not here to discourage you from what you gotta do. However, might we suggest a slight pivot? Instead of using your screen as the method of delivering intrigue to your brain, why not get it from another — less blue-light heavy — source. Pop an OLLY Sleep gummy, and then pick up a book or listen to a 30-minute podcast. And not just any book — go for something that's going to pique your interest in the same way as a social media sesh. Maybe it's a murder mystery, a sci-fi novel, or even a high-stakes non-fiction book.

Go for the same vibe with a podcast. Instead of choosing something boring, give into what your overactive brain is craving. That way, you'll feel like you accomplished the same amount of randomness intake as your usual doom scroll, without the strain on your eyes. Plus, after that 30-minute mark, your gummy should be taking effect so you can drift off to sleep with much more ease.

Loud Neighbors

Whether you share a wall with your neighbors or have adjoining backyards, you've likely been plagued by everything from raucous parties to overhearing fights to even um, hearing them have a little too much fun in their bedroom. It's in these moments that we can really relate to that Sartre quote, "Hell is other people," am I right?

Pro tip: if you want to get your neighbors to stop their nighttime activities, make friends with them. You heard right. It's always harder to justify being a jerk when the other person is being hella nice, so turn up the charm. If that doesn't work, no one loves to be told that their "O noises" have been broadcast to strangers — hey, shame is also a powerful motivator!

A Restless Pet

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There's nothing better than having your fur baby cuddled up to you while you sleep. But as cute as they are, there's no denying how annoying it can be when they're restless. Whether it's your pup dreaming of running through fields of green, barking at squirrels along the way, or a kitty that will not stop flexing their claws right on your neck, sometimes the movements that are ridiculously cute during the waking hours can inspire . . . different feelings at night.

If you let your pet sleep in bed with you, sorry you might be a little SOL here. However, you can do things that will help you fall asleep easier despite their active dreaming. Take your favorite OLLY Sleep product of choice — likely the Extra Strength Sleep gummy with 5mg of melatonin — before bed, and then try to carve out a little space for yourself on your bed away from your pet (good luck).

Neighborhood Wildlife

Raise your hand if you've ever been woken up by the stench of skunk spray wafting in from your open bedroom window. Or what about the stray cats having a 2 a.m. brawl in the backyard? So fun, right? For those of you dealing with a pack of coyotes yipping their feral hearts out right as your eyes are finally starting to get heavy, we see you.

For the unexpected stank, try using an essential oil diffuser that lasts all night with a few extra drops of your strongest oil. And for nighttime howls, think of investing in a white noise machine, or even a noise-cancelling device — it may not remove the sounds completely, but it might help you stay asleep throughout the wildlife cacophony.

Your Sleeping Environment Is Too . . . Something

Sometimes it's just hard AF to get comfortable. It's too hot; too cold; too dark; too light; your partner will not stop grinding their teeth; your pillow somehow turned into a rock. Of course, there are solves to all these issues, but you'll never get anywhere if you're just generally agitated.

Set yourself up for sleep success no matter what your surroundings are by leaning on a helper to calm your restless mind and soothe your body. Boost your body's natural sleep hormone with the unique blend of melatonin, magnesium, and botanicals found in OLLY sleep products — once you land on your favorite, it will make even the most difficult nighttime settings feel like no biggie.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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