10 Snacks With 10 (or More!) Grams of Protein

POPSUGAR Photography | Anna Monette Roberts
POPSUGAR Photography | Anna Monette Roberts

Got protein? These snacks have at least 10 grams to keep you full, fueled, and satisfied until your next meal. You'll stave off hunger when you snack consciously with these wholesome bites.

Under 150 Calories

  1. Chicken Protein Bars: 18 grams. Love jerky and chicken? Wanting some extra protein on the go? The CaveMan Foods Paleo Chicken Bars are perfect for you. They've got a decently long shelf life, and you can leave them in your office for when you need a quick protein fix. 120 calories
  2. Cottage Cheese and Fruit: 12 grams. Grab a small container of low-fat cottage cheese and top it with a diced small peach for a healthy, wholesome take on peaches and cream. 141 calories
  3. Tuna Salad English Muffin: 14 grams. Mix 1/4 cup canned tuna with a tablespoon of hummus, and spread it over half a whole-wheat English muffin for a low-cal, high-protein, open-faced sandwich that works as a perfect snack for long stretches between meals. 140 calories
  4. Watermelon Protein Smoothie: 15 grams. This hydrating watermelon berry smoothie uses a bit of protein powder to keep you satiated and refreshed between meals. 145 calories

Under 200 Calories

  1. Two Eggs: 12 grams. Scrambled or hard boiled, eggs pack a solid protein punch and can really power you through an afternoon slump. At home? Whip 'em up in the kitchen in under five minutes. On the go? Keep a couple boiled eggs in your work refrigerator or a cooled lunch box. 156 calories
  2. Apples and Caramel (With a Twist): 12 grams. Cut up a green apple, and dip it into salted caramel Greek yogurt. Salted wha . . . ? Yep. You heard correctly. Dannon has this variety, which contains 12 grams of protein per cup. We're really liking this yogurt trend, guys. Also! If you're vegan, try this vegan "Greek yogurt" hack. 175 calories (with Dannon)
  3. Roasted Edamame: 13 grams. One serving of these tasty roasted soybeans will up your protein level by over 13 grams and keep you full until dinner. They also make an excellent post-workout snack to refuel. 153 calories
  4. Cottage Cheese Protein Smoothie: 15 to 17 grams. Make an eight-ounce (half) portion of a strawberry protein smoothie (17 grams) or this mango protein smoothie (15 grams) for a sweet, creamy, filling treat. 151 to 163 calories

Under 300 Calories

  1. Nut Butter Toast: 10 to 15 grams. Spread two tablespoons of almond butter (seven grams) on some protein-rich bread, like Dave's Killer Bread or Alpine Valley, each with three to five grams of protein per slice. You could add a tablespoon of chia sprinkled on top for an added two to three grams. Need a little more sweet? Add sliced bananas or a drizzle of raw Manuka honey. 276 calories (with Alpine Valley bread)
  2. Almonds and Cheese: 14 grams. One serving size of whole almonds (about 23, or one ounce) brings six grams of protein, while a low-fat mozzarella string cheese provides another eight grams. 244 calories

Additional reporting by Jenny Sugar