I Tried These Vessi Sneakers For Everything From Hiking to HIIT — Here's What Happened

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I recently took a trip to upstate New York to spend a few days in nature. Naturally, before leaving, I started to think of all the shoes I'd need to bring — rain boots, hiking boots, and sneakers. Then I remembered I'd been given a pair of the Vessi Everyday Move ($140) sneakers to try out, so I threw them in my suitcase as backup shoes.

Having to wear these sneakers on dirt roads, rocky paths, and wet grassy terrain, I expected these sneakers would let me down at some point. I already knew these sneakers claimed to be waterproof, but I suspected some water would get through, they wouldn't rinse clean, or they'd make my feet incredibly sweaty.

Instead, the Vessi Everyday Move sneakers ended up surpassing my expectations, becoming my new go-to shoes.

Vessi Everyday Move Waterproof Sneakers

On the first day, I wore my non-Vessi shoes, and on a rocky road I could feel every pebble beneath my feet. At one point some wet grass made the toes of my shoes wet. I was mildly annoyed at my wet feet, so I decided to give the Vessis a try so to see if they would at least keep my toes dry.

Fortunately, the Vessi sneakers did more than just keep my toes dry. During the remainder of the trip I walked on gravel, dirt, and wet grass with no water, dust, or rocks left in my shoes. On the days when we walked over rocky paths, the Vessi sneakers kept me comfortable the whole time. On the last day it even drizzled a bit and my feet were pleasantly bone-dry. Best of all, my feet weren't hot at all — I'm talkin' zero foot sweat!

My feet were so cozy that I realized socks were not necessary with these sneakers. The lining is soft and slightly cushioned while the part of the shoe that surrounds the ankles didn't cut into my leg at all. It sort of formed a secure seal between my feet and the elements. As you could probably predict, for the rest of the trip I only reached for my Vessi Everyday Move sneakers.

Even when I returned to the concrete jungle I realized that these shoes were also great for those days when I need to work but want to work out and not pack extra shoes. So of course I gave it a fitness-class test. While I didn't use these as running shoes (I prefer a bit more cushion), they do work well for things like HIIT, Tabata, and using the elliptical.

After some serious testing against a variety of elements these shoes are true to their name. The Vessi Everyday Move shoes really do move with me wherever I am. Therefore they are officially one of my go-to pairs!