Strut, Spin, Wipe the Sweat: Margzetta Frazier Hit Every Beat in Her Janet Jackson Floor Routine

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We can't stop, won't stop watching every NCAA gymnastics floor routine that hits the internet (Every. Single. One.), and we've been waiting for Margzetta Frazier's since the start of the season. The UCLA star captured our hearts back in 2019 with a voguing-inspired routine, then hit the floor in 2020 with a flashy performance set to soul artists like James Brown. Now a junior, Frazier's newest routine features some Janet Jackson classics, and we can't decide what we love more: her jaw-dropping tumbling or the on-the-beat precision of her dance moves. Let's call it a tie.

What we love about Frazier's choreography is that it pays homage to Jackson, a trailblazing performer in her own right, while adding Frazier's own flair and twist. She included snippets of Jackson's iconic choreography for "Nasty" and "If" in between high-flying twists, flips, and tumbles. And, of course, we have to mention our favorite transition: Frazier sticking her second tumbling pass, then wiping the sweat off her forehead like, "Yep, just did that." We're not even surprised that she scored a 9.925, less than one-tenth away from a perfect 10! Watch the full routine above and prepare to be seriously impressed.