Olympic Divers Imitated the Avengers For a Meme Video, and Honestly, Everyone's a Winner Here

If the Avengers were Olympic-medal-winning, world-championship-level divers, it would look something like the video that British diver Jack Laugher posted on Monday. Basically, just seven pro divers showing off their skills in a way every Marvel and/or diving fan can appreciate: by striking an Avengers-style pose, then flipping off the end of a pier. Oh, but there's a twist: the video is played backward, so, with the Avengers theme blasting in the background, it looks like each "Avenger" is flying out of the water toward the camera. Gold medals all around, gentlemen.

The superheroes they embodied? Let's go in order:

  • Dr. Strange: Olympic gold medalist Jack Laugher, from Great Britain
  • Captain America: Olympic bronze medalist Daniel Goodfellow, from Great Britain
  • Spider-Man: European Diving Championships bronze medalist James Heatly, from Great Britain
  • Iron Man: World Aquatics Championships silver medalist Matty Lee, from Great Britain
  • Black Panther: Yona Knight-Wisdom, from Jamaica, the first male Caribbean diver to qualify for the Olympics
  • Hawkeye: British Diving Championships gold medalist Lucas Thomson, from Great Britain
  • Thor: European Diving Championships silver medalist Noah Williams, from Great Britain

So, to recap: the Avengers, a clever meme, legitimately cool diving, and seven hot Olympic athletes. If this is the endgame, we're good with it!