Olympian Simone Manuel Jumped Over Half Her Height to Land This 42-Inch Box Jump

Simone Manuel may be a pro swimmer, but she's pretty freakin' impressive on land, too. The 2016 Olympic gold medalist often gifts her Instagram followers with sneak peeks of her intense weightlifting regimen, but recently, we got something a little different. Simone, who's currently training for the Olympic Trials, stopped by the US Olympic Training Center to take on a 42-inch (3.5-foot!) box jump and, of course, landed it with ease. And if that height sounds impressive on its own, consider that Simone's only 70 inches (5'10") tall herself. Jumping over half your own height from a total standstill? All in a day's work if you're a world champ who's training to defend her Olympic medals in Tokyo this Summer.

Watch Simone nail the jump above, and if it inspires you to take on this challenging move yourself, here's exactly how to do a box jump. It's a great exercise to work your legs, butt, and core all at once, but disclaimer: we don't recommend starting at 42 inches.