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Sofia Bogdanova's Magical 2017 Rollerskate Slalom Routine

This Roller Skate Slalom Routine Has Over 36 Million Views Because It's Absolute Magic

Maybe you've never heard of competitive roller-skating, let alone the subdiscipline of freestyle slalom. That's OK, because you don't need any prior knowledge to be in awe of Sofia Bogdanova's 2017 freestyle routine from the Shanghai Slalom Open.

The performance starts with Bogdanova (just 11 years old at the time!) emulating a painter at her canvas, dabbing at a palette and miming careful brushstrokes in midair. Then she starts her mesmerizing routine, balancing on one skate while spinning through a series of tiny cones. The graceful pirouettes and artistry are reminiscent of figure skating or dance performances and are just as magical to watch. The most impressive part has to be when she lowers down onto a single-leg, single-wheel squat while carefully navigating the cones backwards.

Through all of Bogdanova's twists and spins, she only knocks down two cones. And considering that freestyle slalom routines are judged on their technical difficulty and artistry, it's no surprise that she got first place in the junior women's division at the competition — or that she's a six-time world champion, according to her Instagram. Bogdanova's routine has racked up a staggering 36 million views since it was posted in 2017, and we really think it deserves a few million more. Watch the gorgeous performance for yourself to see why!

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