Follow Along to These 11 At-Home Yoga Videos to Increase Flexibility and Decrease Stress


Take a deep breath in, then slowly exhale it out. Feel better? Yoga has such a calming effect, doesn't it? When you can't get to your studio, you can still get the benefits of yoga at home by following along to these videos. Whether you have 10 minutes or 30, stretching and strengthening your muscles will make your body and mind feel grounded and relaxed.

Stop Your Stressin' With 30 Minutes of Chill Yoga

If you're stressing out, it's time to calm down and center yourself with this relaxing yoga series from Yoga With Adriene.

30-Minute Power Yoga Flow For Tight Abs and a Toned Butt

This 30-minute yoga session led by Jess Taras and inspired by NYC- and LA-based Y7 Studio is a full-body yoga-flow workout targeting the butt and core that lengthens while it strengthens.

This Beginner's Yoga Session Will Make You Feel Pure Joy

Certified reiki expert and yoga instructor Kelsey J. Patel will lead you through this 35-minute session. Kelsey begins with a guided meditation, followed by a yoga series, then a cardio section that feels like playtime. Kelsey advises you to "not take it so seriously" and get your body moving in a joyful way. It's the workout that both your body and mind need!

30-Minute Power Yoga Flow For a Sculpted Core

Get into your flow with this power yoga class from Koya Webb, founder of Get Loved Up. This series is designed to tone your core while strengthening and lengthening your entire body.

Namaste Away Your Heartbreak

This yoga sequence is designed to open the heart and release any tension you may be holding onto. And let's not forget the rush of endorphins that comes with a good sweat session.

Power Up Your Yoga Routine With This 10-Minute Sequence

This 10-minute yoga flow from YogaWorks will challenge your sense of balance while working your core and legs.

Feel-Good, Feel-Strong Yoga

You deserve 30 minutes all to yourself. Yogi Mandy Ingber designed this 30-minute yoga sequence to calm the mind while toning the body.

Debloat and Detox With Some Yoga

Along with keeping your hamstrings flexible and your spine supple, yoga can provide relief when you're uncomfortably bloated. Travis Eliot, creator of the Ultimate Yogi DVD series, designed this quick 10-minute sequence to target your middle with strategic twists to aid digestion.

Get Long and Lean With CorePower Yoga

This short yoga flow will not only help calm your stress, but it will also strengthen and lengthen your entire body. And they don't call it CorePower Yoga for nothing! There's a sweet little ab workout tucked in the middle.

5-Minute Bedtime Yoga to Bring On the Zzz's

Sometimes you have to actively unwind to truly rest up, and a bit of mellow yoga could be your ticket to more restful sleep. This five-minute sequence created for us by Chelsea Kruse of Exhale Spa is designed to relax your body and quiet your mind so you can drift off easily to the land of nod.

Get Happy and Toned With This Yoga Series From Jennifer Aniston's Trainer

This 10-minute flow will make you smile, laugh, and then smile some more! Mandy Ingber will help you open up your heart, appreciate who you are, and find gratitude in everyday life.