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Alton Brown's Good Eats TV Show Is Returning Online

Good News: Alton Brown's Popular Cooking Show Good Eats Is Returning!

May I have your attention for a moment, please?

A post shared by Alton Brown (@altonbrown) on

Chef Alton Brown has been cooking up something special for his fans. During a recent Facebook Live video stream, the Cutthroat Kitchen host announced the online return of his classic TV show Good Eats. The online version isn't expected to debut until 2017, but fans can expect to see an uncensored version of Alton when it premieres.

During the live chat, Alton revealed that the Food Network prohibited some of his ideas, like cooking a rabbit, for instance, in light of its stricter cooking guidelines. Alton says he looks forward to preparing dishes that he has always wanted to make, and we, for one, cannot wait to see what he serves up!

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