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Arby's Game of Thrones Smoked Turkey Leg

How Arby's Is Helping You Eat Your Feelings During the Game of Thrones Finale

Arby's is rolling out a delicious new menu item that will feel all too familiar for frequent visitors of Disneyland or Medieval Times. In honor of the highly anticipated Game of Thrones season seven finale on Aug. 27, the sandwich chain will be offering a smoked turkey leg that's been seasoned with salt and brown sugar, smoked, and slow-roasted.

In promoting the new menu item, Arby's has adopted a famous Game of Thrones tagline to instead state, "Turkey is coming." While it's a really easy joke to make, we'll let it slide if that turkey leg gets us closer to feeling like we're on a real-life date with Jon Snow as we watch the inevitably stressful finale.

Starting Aug. 27, the smoked turkey leg will be available for a limited time only in nine regions surrounding cities throughout the United States. The cities are Fargo, ND; Los Angeles; Seattle; Norfolk, VA; Pittsburgh; Phoenix, AZ; Denver; Omaha, NE; and Atlanta. No word yet on if it'll be available in Westeros, but we'll update this post as we gather additional information.

Image Source: Arby's
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