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Baileys Irish Cupcakes

Drink Your Dessert: Spiked Irish Cupcakes

If you went to college or lived near a campus bar, you're undoubtedly familiar with a drink similar to a sake bomb or cement mixer that involves one shot each of Baileys Irish cream liqueur and Irish whiskey are dropped into a pint glass of Guinness stout, and some poor soul downs the entire concoction before the drink can curdle, often while standing on top of the bar. Yowza.

Now, a coed liver might be able to handle that potent combo, but mine certainly cannot, and this weekend I fear being cornered by an overzealous St. Patrick's Day reveler. So when in peril, fight fire with cupcakes!

The brilliance of this recipe is that it both layers and melds the flavors of each liquor, just like the drink that it's based on. The whiskey in the ganache is sharp and bracing, the Baileys soothes as buttercream frosting, and the Guinness gives a moist, malty texture to the chocolate cake.

Of course, if you're not in a boozy mood (or if kids are present), you can leave out the whiskey and Baileys and just ensure that the alcohol cooks off sufficiently in the first step. But for a sweet drink substitute, these cupcakes sure are a shot of wonderful.

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