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Best Cocktails to Make in Bulk

18 Delicious Cocktails You Can Make in Bulk, Because 1 Cup Just Isn't Enough

Best Cocktails to Make in Bulk
Image Source: How Sweet Eats

No matter what big events you have on your calendar, there's surely at least one that's going to call for a refreshing cocktail — or five. Rather than stocking up on an huge amount of beers and wine coolers, we have a proposition we think you'll love: bulk cocktails for entertaining. Perfect for Summer barbecues, holidays, birthday parties, weddings, you name it, you can't go wrong throwing together a signature drink for everyone to sip on. Whether you're feeling margaritas, sangria, or a dangerously sweet punch reminiscent of college pregames, there's something out there for everyone. Before your guests arrive, prepare one of these supereasy bulk cocktails and everyone will be asking you for the recipe.

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