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Candy Corn Pizza

Someone Made Candy Corn Pizza, and the Internet Says, "Nope, Not Today"

We thought the most controversial pizza topping was pineapple until someone on Twitter proved us wrong โ€” way wrong. An adventurous eater by the name of TheRealAsswolf shared photos of a candy corn pizza he made, and people are downright disgusted by the idea. Most people agree that candy corn is one of the worst Halloween candies on the planet, and to put it on top of one of the world's most sacred foods should be considered a crime. It would be one thing if this person made a dessert pizza out of candy corn; we'd at least partially approve of that. But instead, the Twitter user sprinkled a bunch of candy corn pieces on top of a frozen cheese pizza and baked it in the oven until the cheese โ€” and the orange candy โ€” melted. "'Tis the season, my dudes," the pizza creator wrote next to his ruined dinner. With over 15,000 retweets and 35,000 "likes" at press time, it's clear the internet has a lot of feelings about this.

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