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Cheetos Fashion Line on Betabrand

Cheetos Is Launching a Fashion Line — Because Nothing Is Off Limits These Days

Snacking Gloves
Image Source: Cheetos / Betabrand

After dipping their cheese-powder-covered toes into the waters of the beauty world with a bright orange bronzer product, the innovative team at Cheetos is foraying into the fashion world. Because what do they have to lose at this point? People will always be in love with the puffy, crunchy treats, even if they do leave their fingers (and clothes) caked in particles of artificial cheese dust for days on end.

The childhood (and, let's be real, adulthood) snack brand recently launched a new "snackwear line" on Betabrand, a retail clothing company and crowdfunding platform. The products in the collection could not be any cheesier (pun only semi-intended), but some of them actually seem pretty useful for Cheetos addicts. In line with the tried-and-true "form follows function" principle, these items are designed to solve common problems that snackers come across will munching on the cheesy bites (i.e. the "Snacking Gloves" aim to prevent the Cheetos fingers epidemic, while the "Snackspenders" have tiny pockets to store the snack when you get a sudden craving on the go).

These products aren't officially on the market yet, and Cheetos needs your input to make them a reality. You can check out conceptual illustrations of these potential fashion items on the Betabrand website and vote for your favorites. The winners will go on to become crowdfunding projects that could eventually be produced in the future. Our fingers are crossed for those Snacking Gloves!

Read on to catch a glimpse of the hilarious yet useful ideas that Cheetos has up its sleeves.

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