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Chipotle Chorizo Menu Change 2016

In an Effort to Bounce Back, Chipotle Might Be Adding This Surprising Item to Its Menu

After its E. coli crisis earlier this year, Chipotle has been trying to recuperate its financial and reputation-related losses with giveaways, new cocktails, and now, an exciting prospective menu addition: chorizo.

According to Business Insider, the popular spicy sausage had been tested out in Kansas City last year and proved to be really popular. Chipotle's co-CEO Monty Moran expressed his hope that the chorizo could entice customers and "make our loyal customers come more often."

Though the addition of chorizo seems like a pretty standard one, it is unexpected for Chipotle, given that it never really makes any changes to the menu — except for the introduction of tofu sofritas in 2013.

Since the company has yet to release an official statement about the big chorizo change, we'll just have to stay tuned for when we can expect to see it on the menu.

Image Source: Flickr user saechang
Do you want Chipotle to shake things up with some chorizo?
Absolutely! Change is a good thing.
No way! I see right past this attempt to win us back.
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