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The Difference Between Hot and Cold Coffee Drinkers

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Coffee is a serious activity, so we partnered with Folgers Iced Café Coffee Drink Concentrates to highlight the differences between those who drink it hot and those who drink it cold.

In the game of java, coffee connoisseurs are not all cut from the same filter. Some people like it piping hot, whereas others like it poured over ice. But the temperature preference of this popular beverage is hardly the biggest distinction separating these two groups; there's a world of difference keeping warm and cold and java cohorts standing on opposite sides of the coffeepot. Not sure where you fit in? Let's examine four scenarios. (It's all very scientific.)

Scenario 1: It's 9 a.m. in the middle of July in New York. 
How a Hot Coffee Drinker Handles It: The HCD realizes that it's Summer and that they are going to feel hot regardless of what they drink. They proudly prepare their morning java and scoff at their husband when he asks if they're going to take it hot or cold.
How a Cold Coffee Drinker Handles It: The CCD would rather stand underneath wobbly scaffolding than drink anything warm in July. They are a proud member of their office's "break-room regulars" and make the same thing every morning: a quad shot iced Americano with cream. When the HCD sees them whipping up a complicated beverage, they roll their eyes and say, "Isn't that just a cold latte?" They get on each other's nerves.

Scenario 2: It's mid-Summer in San Francisco, so it's 55 degrees.
How a Hot Coffee Drinker Handles It: The damp weather is making the HCD feel nostalgic for some reason, and they prepare a latte. Purely for the art. Then they put on some Michael Bublé holiday tunes.
How a Cold Coffee Drinker Handles It: The CCD makes an iced coffee at home, leaves the house, and immediately huddles on a bench to keep warm. 

Scenario 3: You've just run three miles and are very thirsty.
How a Hot Coffee Drinker Handles It: The HCD is wired to rehydrate with copious amounts of water and will occasionally grab something with electrolytes if necessary. 
How a Cold Coffee Drinker Handles It: Panting and out of breath, the CCD barely makes it through the front door and into the kitchen. They make an iced coffee and pour themselves a glass of water, then down the two simultaneously. 

Scenario 4: Someone at work gives a passionate presentation about the difference between iced coffee and cold brew.
How a Hot Coffee Drinker Handles It: The HCD furrows their brows in confusion. 
How a Cold Coffee Drinker Handles It: Slow claps ensue.

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