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Easy Cranberry Vodka Cocktail Recipe

A Smashing Cranberry-Vodka Cocktail

If I'm not ordering or serving up bourbon old fashioneds muddled with an orange slice and a few cherries, I'm dreaming of different riffs on them. Hence, this particular cranberry-vodka cocktail is loosely inspired by my one and only favorite cocktail. The star ingredient is homemade cranberry vodka, which is infused with fresh cranberries, vanilla bean, orange peel, and sugar. The whole thing marinates for a week, transforming the vodka into a ruby-hued beverage almost too good to savor. As for the cranberries, those sweet, boozy morsels have a similar flavor and texture to brandied cherries, making them a very suitable cocktail garnish.

The method for this cocktail is simple: muddle up a lemon slice and a few preserved cranberries, and top with ice and the cranberry vodka. If you're looking to be fancy, garnish the drink with 3-5 preserved cranberries threaded through a toothpick and/or an orange twist. But frankly, people will be impressed enough that you took the time to homemake cranberry vodka, so let it shine!

Cranberry Smash Cocktail

From Anna Monette Roberts, POPSUGAR Food

Easy Cranberry Vodka Cocktail Recipe


  1. 1/4-inch slice of lemon, preferably meyer
    5-6 preserved cranberries
    2 ounces cranberry-infused vodka
    Splash of water, optional


  1. In an old fashioned glass, muddle lemon slice and preserved cranberries. Generously fill glass with ice, and carefully pour cranberry vodka over it. Stir until ice melts slightly. Top with water (optional), and stir again.
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