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Egg in a Nest Recipe

Mastering the Mother Hen Toast

There are some recipes that prove to be very difficult. One of them is Tyler Florence's gallina de madre, or mother hen toast. I found the recipe in Tyler Florence's Family Meal cookbook and on the Food Network's website. However, I was shocked by how distinct the two recipes were: the cooking temperature, technique, and béchamel sauce were all different.

I gave the online recipe a try, and to my disappointment, I had a runny egg-white mess. I experimented with the one in the book, and while the results were better, I knew this breakfast dish must be easier to make.

After my fifth slice of toast, I finally mastered a technique that created a perfectly cooked egg with salty jamón and creamy béchamel. Basically, I didn't make the jamón cup; instead I removed a little bit of bread in the center and nestled the egg inside. No one realized I cheated! Don't let this tasty toast scare you . . .

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