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Guide to Drinking Tea

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Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Diggy Lloyd

We partnered with Tazo to bring you three delicious ways to enjoy your tea.

Tea is arguably the most adventurous beverage in the world. Its inception reflects multiple cultures over thousands of years. Each blend is crafted using a thoughtful combination of different leaves, spices, flowers, and even fruit for a wide range of flavor profiles that can enliven your senses and suit every mood. It's refreshing over ice while lounging at the beach with friends, and it's a happy companion while gathering around the fireplace for book club in the Winter.

Ahead, we're giving you a dose of blissful weekend inspiration made even more enjoyable with unexpected tea blends. From an intimate and unique brunch date to a relaxing spa afternoon to a joyful evening entertaining friends, this is how to enjoy delicious tea no matter your mindset or the time of day.

How to Enjoy Tea Throughout the Day originally posted on POPSUGAR Smart Living