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Hot Dog With Froot Loops and Bacon

Well, a Hot Dog Topped With Froot Loops, Bacon, and Mac 'n' Cheese Exists

Thanks to Twitter, it has recently been brought to our attention that a sports facility is serving up, quite possibly, the most insane hot dog ever. Take a long, hard look at the photo — do you see the Froot Loops? The bacon? The macaroni and cheese?! This bad boy is called the "Slider Dog" and can be found at Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Indians (that's baseball). It's a creation from a local chain restaurant called Happy Dog, and my immediate thought is, "This seems disgusting, but it actually might be interesting enough to convince me to sit through nine innings of a baseball game."

How do you feel? Take our poll!

Feelings on This Hot Dog?
I would eat the sh*t out of this.
Ew — I'm officially grossed out.
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