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How to Choose and Cook Guavas

In Season: Guava

You may not consider guavas to be a Winter fruit, but guess again. This tropical jewel has a long, luxurious season that kicks off in November and lasts until April. While guavas are native to Mexico and Central and South America, luckily for us, they're widely cultivated on the West Coast and Florida. Guavas are sweet and fruity with an enticing floral nature that keeps us coming back for another taste. Keep reading to learn how to choose and enjoy guavas.

Be sure to choose blemish-free fruits that are as soft as you can find. Note that ripe guavas are highly perishable. Once they're ripe, you have about two days to enjoy them. Be sure to check them daily and turn them often in order to get the most out of your fruit.

Like quince, the texture and high pectin content of guava lends itself well to jellies, pastes, and preserves. But there are many ways to incorporate this sweet treat into both desserts and more savory dishes. Looking to get inventive tonight with some guavas? Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:


Any other ideas for making the most of guavas this season? Share in the comments below!
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