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How to Get a $3 Burrito at Chipotle on Halloween

Confused About Chipotle's New $3 Boorito Deal? Yeah, Us Too

Chipotle has changed its $3 Boorito deal this Halloween. In years past, the burrito chain requested its customers dress up as burritos (aka wrap yourself in foil). Now, here's Chipotle's request, "Scoring your Boorito is simple: start with any standard Halloween costume, then include an unnecessary 'additive.'" What on earth could that possibly look like? Chipotle suggests a few absurd examples, like a bearded fairy or a martian Marilyn Monroe. If you're the creative type, take some inspiration from one of our very own editors, Brinton Parker, who explains her costume mashup as "Lil Jon Snow: bastard of Winterfell, Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, and 'Get Low' crunk-master extraordinaire." Now go get that $3 burrito you deserve on Halloween between 5 p.m. and closing!

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