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Oreo Is Selling New Valentine's Day Cookies With the Cutest Messages on Them

Following the lead of Lava Cake Hershey's Kisses and Heart-Shaped Starburst Jellybeans, a new Oreo flavor is the latest addition to the list of cutesy Valentine's Day snacks. The new Oreos — called Love, Oreo — are made with classic chocolate cookies and a "sweet and tangy" berry-flavored creme filling, and each one comes with a cute message printed on both sides à la conversation hearts. The sayings include phrases like "Let's Twist," "Dunk in Love," and "Xoxo Oreo."

Love, Oreos are currently available at select retailers for around $3 a pack — but fair warning that they've received some pretty mixed reviews so far, with blogger Dad Bod Snacks comparing the flavor to that of cherry limeade. "Which I'm not a fan of, sadly," he wrote. Still, for anyone who's interested in stocking up on Valentine's Day snacks, the cookies are available at Target and Walmart.

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