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McDonald's Macarons in France

Friendly PSA: McDonald's in Paris Has Macarons, and They're Ridiculously Cheap

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If you're planning a trip to Paris this Summer, we have an unexpected restaurant to add to your foodie bucket list: McDonald's! Why? Because McDonald's Paris sells macarons (or shall we say McMacarons?), and they look surprisingly tasty.

Now, before all you dessert snobs shake your heads in dismay at the thought of purchasing such a delicate treat from a fast-food pit stop, hear us out. Sure, Ladurée is a solid (albeit mainstream) option for getting your macaron fix, but its offerings can cost upward of $17 for a fancy box of six, whereas the assorted box from McCafé, the chain's coffeehouse offshoot, will only cost you about $5; that's one-third the price! You can't beat that. If you're concerned about the taste and quality of McMacarons, one dedicated blogger went so far as to pit them against Ladurée macs in a blind taste test and concluded that they're pretty comparable.

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From what we can tell, the McCafés in France serve yummy mac flavors like chocolate, vanilla, citrus, and pistachio, along with quite the assortment of mouthwatering goodies like muffins, cookies, and cheesecake. But it turns out the fun extends beyond French borders, as The Huffington Post reports that McCafés in Australia and Germany also offer these affordable sweet treats, which may vary slightly in price and flavors.

If we're traveling around Europe or Australia in the future, you can bet we'll be opting for McMacarons so we can save a little green for more important indulgences — like wine or cheese . . . or more wine.

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