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McDonald's Signature Sriracha Burger With Kale

Hold Up, McDonald's Is Putting Kale on Its Newest Burger (Yes, Really)

In an unexpected move, McDonald's has added kale to its list of burger toppings. The new Signature Sriracha sandwich has spicy Sriracha Mac sauce, crispy onions, tomato, and a blend of baby spinach and kale. We appreciate McDonald's attempt at a slightly more artisanal burger, but let's be real: who genuinely wants raw spinach or kale on their burger?

If this combination does excite you, however, you'll have the option to order the Signature Sriracha as a burger, crispy chicken sandwich, or grilled chicken sandwich nationwide at McDonald's in the US. This new menu item is part of McDonald's Signature Crafted Recipes sandwich line, which was introduced earlier this year and includes other items like the Pico Guacamole Sandwich. I guess when you're conflicted between ordering a salad and a cheeseburger, this kale-topped McDonald's burger is the way to go.

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