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Pizza in a Pizza Box

This Pizza, Delivered in a Box Made of Pizza, Will Make You an Emotional Wreck

Leave it to Vinnie's Pizzeria in Brooklyn, NY, to develop a drunk person's dream: pizza delivered in a box made of pizza. It's called The Pizza Box Pizza, and the idea came to Sean Berthiaume, a co-owner of Vinnie's, when he thought of a way cut back on cardboard pizza box waste. The pizza inside a pizza costs $40. Currently, it comes delivered wrapped in foil, which begs the question, which is worse for the environment? In response to the haters, Sean told NBC, "We're kinda working out the kinks there. The intent is to not have the box."

How Badly Do You Want to Order This Pizza?
Extremely badly.
LOL. It's funny, but it's not for me.
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