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Red Velvet Oreos

Oreo Releases Its Best Flavor Yet — Red Velvet!

Marshmallow crispy, pumpkin spice, and root beer float are just a few crazy flavors that Oreo has dreamed up, and the sandwich-cookie makers have confirmed that the next limited-edition flavor is red velvet ($4). Here's what's truly exciting: the actual cookie is an all-new flavor (and color). The makers haven't debuted a new cookie since the release of the Golden Oreo. And as for the flavored crème, it's cream cheese, of course. The cookies are available nationwide today. We were able to snag a bag to share our review with you.

The red velvet Oreos smell much sweeter than the original, which some tasters found enticing and others described as a little too artificial. However, we appreciate that Oreo didn't dye the cookies a violent shade of red, but rather a darker, chocolaty maroon. The cookies themselves taste less like chocolate and more like vanilla. The filling is double stuffed (score!) and has a slightly creamier, softer texture than the standard version. We like these almost as much as the original, but the classic wins out! Our only complaint is we really want just a little more red velvet flavor.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Anna Monette Roberts
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