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Are Skittles Chewies Available in the US?

I Haven't Stopped Thinking About These "Naked" Skittles Since I Heard About Them

You ever see a new food on shelves and think, "Who the heck asked for this?" That's how I felt when I laid eyes on Skittles Chewies, aka "naked" Skittles without a shell. What even are Skittles without the crunchy, satisfyingly hard barrier that your teeth sink into before hitting the softer center? I'm not sure I want to find out, but I'm definitely intrigued. Skittles Chewies first became available last year in the UK, and there's no official word on whether or not they'll become available stateside. However, in-the-know grocery shopper Snack Betch recently shared a snap of the candies and wrote, "These are hopefully going to be coming to the US this year." We agree just so we can try them! (I think.) See photos of the polarizing junk food ahead.

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