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Starbucks Holiday Tumblers 2018

Starbucks' New Holiday Tumblers Will Have You Saying, "Halloween, Who?!"

Starbucks Holiday Tumblers 2018
Image Source: Starbucks

One of my biggest pet peeves is when stores seemingly skip over major holidays. Thanksgiving, which just so happens to be my all-time favorite day of the year (because endless mashed potatoes — duh), usually gets the short end of the stick, with all things Christmas hogging the spotlight. But I have to admit that my usual resentment of premature holiday advertisements and products somehow doesn't apply to Starbucks. The coffee chain just released a sneak peek of its new holiday-themed cup collection, and it actually filled me with joy, rather than irritation about my beloved gravy-soaked taters getting metaphorically swept under the rug.

Starbucks's forthcoming drinkware line is chock-full of glittery nods to the festive season. Standout pieces include a rose gold tumbler that's prettier than me on my best of days, as well as a shimmery iridescent cup that's straight out of your wildest mermaid-loving dreams. Though I don't know the exact date these Instagram-worthy items will hit Starbucks shelves, I reached out to a Starbucks rep and will update this post once I hear back with the scoop. In the meantime, take a look at the pretty tumblers and cups ahead so you can begin the painful process of narrowing down which ones you'll splurge on once they drop. Nice knowin' ya, paycheck.

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