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Starbucks Korea Choux Cream Latte

If You Like Cream Puffs, You're Going to Freak Out Over This New Starbucks Drink

With drinks like the Shaken Watermelon Tea in Japan or the Churro Frappuccino in South America, it's easy to feel like Starbucks is constantly adding drool-worthy items to menus everywhere but the United States, and the latest international addition just totally added flame to our Starbucks FOMO fire. The Choux Cream Latte from Starbucks Korea was announced in February, and now that it's here, we're ready to book our flights.

The drink was inspired by French cream puffs and combines the classic Starbucks espresso with a sweet custard flavor and steamed milk. But the best part is that the drink is topped with custard-flavored whipped cream. Yes, the lip-smacking cream that fills the classic dessert can now be swirled on top of your latte (available both hot and iced). The one obvious downside is that the drink is only available at Starbucks locations in Korea. If you're in Korea and try the drink, we highly recommend purchasing a bakery item to dip into the cream!

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