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Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Espresso Target Release 2017

Target Is Already Selling Starbucks's Peppermint Mocha Espresso!

Although Fall has only just begun, we've already started experiencing symptoms of pumpkin spice fatigue, as the ever-present flavor continues to invade our kitchens (and even our beauty routines!). If you're so over PSL season and can't wait to swap your jack-o'-lantern for an elf on the shelf, Target can make that a reality because the store has already started selling Starbucks's Peppermint Mocha Chilled Espresso drinks โ€” heck yes! Just reading this exciting news, which we first heard from the Instagram account candyhunting, is enough to convince us that it's truly never too early to start getting into the holiday spirit. The bottled espresso beverage tastes just like Christmas, offering a minty, chocolaty flavor that'll make you want to bust out your ugly reindeer sweater and light a balsam fir tree-scented candle. We're certainly scooping up this find during our next Target voyage for when we need a break from all things pumpkin flavored this Fall.

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