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US State Food Souvenirs

Enticing Edible Souvenirs From Every State in the USA

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Put down the baseball caps, shot glasses, and other tchotchkes at the gift shop — they'll just gather dust. Instead, seek out an edible souvenir from your Summer travels. Whether you're traversing through the Pacific Northwest, Deep South, New England, or elsewhere in our fair nation, there's sure to be a transportable treat that promises to serve as a mouthwatering reminder of your travels. Bonus: these edible finds serve as thoughtful thank-you gifts, too.

— Additional reporting by Susannah Chen, Ryan Roschke, and Katie Thurber

McClure's, from the company's
Huckleberry Festival, do the next best thing and bring home a jar of
proper egg cream must be made with Brooklyn-made
Pok Pok — Portland's James Beard Award-winning Thai street food
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