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Velveeta Shortage

Is the Velveeta Shortage Legit or Just Another Marketing Ploy?

We still haven't yet recovered from the srirachapocalypse when this terrible news broke: there is an impending Velveeta shortage . . . oh, and it's Super Bowl season. Before we curse the heavens and resort to dipping our chips in bean dip on game day, there are a few more details you should know. First, Kraft sketchily responded to the reason for the shortage, claiming it included a "combination of factors," most obvious being the "high demand" during this season. And when asked how long the shortage would last, Kraft commented that it's merely a "short-term issue." Hmm, short-term as in supermarkets should begin to see the cheese back on shelves after Feb. 2? Despite the glaring evidence, the thought of not overdosing on queso cheese dip during the Super Bowl seems sacrilege. And that fear will be instilled in every Velveeta fan, thus driving the sales for Kraft in Q1 of 2014. You can't win this catch-22, but you can be with cheese if you hop to the stores now.

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