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Video of Gordon Ramsay Spitting Out Sushi Pizza

Watch Gordon Ramsay Spit Out Sushi Pizza: "That Is an Insult to Pizza and Japanese Food"

It looks like we can add sushi pizza to the list of things Gordon Ramsay would never eat — at least, if it's from a particular restaurant featured on Kitchen Nightmares. In a recent episode of the show, Gordon visits a failing Japanese restaurant called Sushi Ko, and, as usual, orders a few things from the menu. The chef tries the miso soup, the "green tower" appetizer (served with a surprise gray hair), the salmon sashimi (which he discovers is frozen instead of fresh), and the sushi pizza (clearly his least favorite of all). The sushi pizza is made with rice, salmon, crab, mayonnaise, and cheese.

As Gordon takes his first bite, he can't even pretend to hide his reaction. In fact, he spits it right out! "That is an insult to pizza and Japanese food," Gordon said to the server. It's an unfortunate incident, but if you're going to serve sushi to the opinionated king of culinary, you know it needs to be good. Gordon continues to give feedback on the menu item, calling it, "Hideous, disgusting, an insult to Japanese culture, and an insult to a f*cking pizza house." Now we know Gordon is neither a fan of pineapple pizza nor sushi pizza. Watch the full clip above to see it all go down for yourself.

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