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What Is a Cupcaron?

If a Cupcake and a Macaron Had a Baby, It'd Be the Cupcaron

What Is a Cupcaron?

Unlike other culinary crazes like the Cronut or the cruffin, the newest pastry hybrid doesn't require standing in line for hours — the cupcaron, a mix between a cupcake and a macaron, can be delivered right to your door! Invented at New York City cupcakery Baked by Melissa, the cupcaron is available in three flavors: strawberry cream, chocolate graham, and cotton candy.

While its bright blue hue might intimidate some dessert fans, the cotton candy cupcaron was very well-received in the POPSUGAR office. It's light, with only a hint of the carnival snack flavor that we all know and love. Strawberry cream is similar to the cotton candy flavor in its subtlety, and the dessert itself is almost moister than a real strawberry! Chocolate graham is my personal favorite of the bunch — it tastes exactly like a s'more without the marshmallows. Over all, you really can't go wrong with any of Baked by Melissa's fun flavors; you should probably just try them all.

With all the gooey sweetness of a mini cupcake topped with a light French macaron, the cupcaron is bound to excite dessert addicts everywhere . . . and, thanks to nationwide shipping, anybody in the US can taste it. Baked by Melissa's three Spring cupcaron flavors are available until June 22, so be sure to pick some up ($20 for 25) before they're gone!

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