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Why You Should Always Order a Large Pizza

If You've Ever Felt Guilty About Ordering a Large Pizza, Here's Why You Shouldn't

Pizza-lovers, this news should make you feel a whole lot better about your guilty pleasure. According to a pizza graph created by NPR based on data from Grubhub, you should always order a large pizza whenever you get a cheesy craving, and there's a mathematical reason for it. After surveying "74,476 prices from 3,678 pizza places around the country," Grubhub's data revealed that it makes more sense financially to order a larger pizza. Because of the circular shape of pizza pies, the area of a pizza increases with the square of the radius. That means if you've ever ordered multiple smaller sizes (i.e., two mediums), thinking you were getting a better deal, you actually ended up with less pizza for your buck.

Source: Warner Bros.

Confused by all of this? All you really need to know is that it's always smarter buy one large pie rather than ordering multiple smaller sizes. So the next time someone judges you for ordering a large pizza all for yourself, you can drop some mathematical knowledge with the help of this interactive graph to justify your case. Sounds like a win-win situation to us!

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